Trip difficulty:

Approx. 5 hours

15 April – 1 October

Time of depart:
9 AM

Place of departure:
WA office

Age limit:
No limit


Local guidance in English and transportation.


Advisable to wear comfortable warm clothing and hiking boots. We recommend that you bring a backpack and water bottle.

Hiking in Iceland is getting more and more popular. In Iceland we have various, beautiful hiking trails which are mostly the old walking trails people used before the first roads were built. In the Westfjords, those trails are more highly visible because they were regularly used up until the roads were built in the 1950´s.

A bit of history in the walking

On this hiking tour we walk from Patreksfjörður to Tálknafjörður by an old route between the two fjords. While walking through Litlidalur, after passing Lambeyrarháls, the local guide will tell you a little bit about the history of Patreksfjörður and Tálknafjörður. They were both used as bases of English, French, German and Dutch sailors and merchants.

Birds and fairies

From Lambeyrarháls we will walk to Suðureyri, where Norwegians established and ran a whaling station around 1900. There is also a famous ground depression in Suðureyri which is believed to be a fairy settlement. If travelers lie down to rest in the depression they are destined to dream about their future. The impressive scenery and bird life of Tálknafjörður is not to be missed.

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