Trip difficulty:

Approx. 8 hours

20 May – 1 September

Time of depart:
9 AM

Place of departure:
WA office

Age limit:
No limit


Local guidance in English, jeep transportation and admission fee to the Hrafnseyri Museum.


Warm outdoor clothing and good shoes recommended.

What better way to enjoy travelling the rough, unpaved tracks of the Westfjords than in a jeep with a local guide giving you the inside information on the southern region of the Westfjords?

Kjaran´s Avenue is anything but an avenue and was thought  to be mission impossible to construct at the time. Named after its builder who made the road in his spare time using a small bulldozer, the track is a feat of human ingenuity. Near Svalvogar, the one-way jeep track is carved into the mountainside, with the mountain looming above you and the steep cliff falling below you at a sheer, nearly vertical angle down to the ocean. The track continues across the stony beach of Skútabjörg with its treacherous ocean tides. It is truly one of the most incredible road constructions in Iceland and the scenery en route is incomparable. This tour leaves no one untouched by its unique landscape and the driving experience is a sheer thrill.

We´ll visit Kaldbakur, the highest mountain in Westfjords and, weather and road conditions permitting, might hike up to the top and enjoy the view. Alternatively, we take the old winding main road through Hrafnseyrarheiði, which is closed for 6-8 months every year due to snow. There will be various stops and refreshments along the way.

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